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About Us

Music Boxes and More is a family owned and operated small business. We use traditional methods, modern tools and many locally sourced items to create one of kind, original works of art.


Whether it is fully handcrafted, lathe-, CNC-, or even laser-cut design, we strive to make quality pieces that you will be proud to gift or hand down to the next generation. We long ago learned the value of quality and build that into every item found on these pages.


Many of our pieces are made from a single piece of wood. Grain alignment is critical and adds to the beauty of the piece. Finding large enough pieces to start with is difficult. For many of them, I owe a debt of gratitude to those before me. Some of our boxes are from trees that were planted 100 years ago, and cut down more than a decade ago. It takes decades to grow and  air dry 18" diameter logs. Without their foresight, I would not have access to these wonderful pieces of wood.


Our goal is providing you with a treasure that will bring you lasting joy. Thank you for your visit and have a blessed day.

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